A downloadable game

Who said that robots eat only screwdrivers and circuits? Well it looks like this one has a big appetite for fast food and he is about to eat lots and lots of hamburgers, ice creams, pizza and of course fries.

You might had though he will be like the usual robots that you might had played in other classic robot games, but as you will find out he is more unusual, he loves to jump and run around, and of course he has an unusual appetite for burgers.

Let’s help this funny hungry robot eat as many hamburgers he can, score many points and unlock other delicious meals and desserts! We don’t know from which planet is this robot, of from what country, some say he’s from New York because of his preferences, but anyhow, we’re here to feed him and make him happy. Also watch out for the other robots because they are after no good, just like in the other war robots games that you had seen online, they don’t like to see him eat all the hamburgers and they’ll get faster and bigger as you advance in the game.

Here are some of the main features:

  • simple and fun
  • clean design and graphics
  • beautiful sounds and music background
  • optimized images for phones and tablets
  • FREE and safe for kids of any age
  • achievements and unlockable items
  • Have fun with our awesome robot games and help him eat and get big!